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EPIC Alert - Volume 7 (2000)

EPIC Alert 7.01 (January 12, 2000)

  1. Supreme Court Upholds Drivers' Privacy Law
  2. White House Releases "Cyber-Terrorism" Plan
  3. EPIC Comments on Use of the Internet for Campaign Activity
  4. EPIC Releases Survey of Online Privacy Policies
  5. Update on Safe Harbor Negotiations
  6. EPIC Job Announcements
  7. EPIC Bookstore -- Database Nation
  8. Upcoming Conferences and Events

EPIC Alert 7.02 (February 3, 2000)

  1. EPIC Calls for Withdrawal of FIDNET at Senate Hearing
  2. DoubleClick Faces Lawsuit Over Change in Privacy Practices
  3. Privacy Groups Challenge Proposed FBI Wiretap Standards
  4. New Crypto Export Regulations: Still Not De-Control
  5. Industry Targets DVD Copying in Digital Copyright Suits
  6. Clinton Proposes Privacy Protections in State of Union Address
  7. EPIC Bookstore -- Critical Infrastructure Report
  8. Upcoming Conferences and Events

EPIC Alert 7.03 (February 22, 2000)

  1. EPIC Complaint Focuses Attention on DoubleClick and Privacy
  2. Michigan Community Targeted by Filtering Proponents
  3. EPIC Testifies on Data Protection before European Parliament
  4. Consumer Groups Shed Light on Privacy Aspects of Mergers
  5. Proposed Financial Privacy Rules Released
  6. President Issues Executive Order on Genetic Privacy
  7. EPIC Bookstore -- EPIC Publications
  8. Upcoming Conferences and Events

EPIC Alert 7.04 (March 2, 2000)

  1. DoubleClick Drops Plan to Utilize Personal Information
  2. Current State of Internet Content Filtering
  3. European Parliament Holds Hearing on Echelon
  4. U.S. State Department Releases Human Rights Report
  5. Possible Safe Harbor for Children's Privacy?
  6. FTC Opens Telemarketing Service Rule for Public Comment
  7. EPIC Bookstore -- Behind Closed Doors
  8. Upcoming Conferences and Events

EPIC Alert 7.05 (March 22, 2000)

  1. Revised Safe Harbor Proposal Released
  2. New Survey Shows Strong Support for Privacy Laws
  3. Echelon Surveillance Controversy Heats Up in Europe
  4. Cyber Patrol Hackers Face Legal Proceedings
  5. Problems with Online Advertising Persist
  6. EPIC Submits Comments on Legal Barriers to E-Commerce
  7. EPIC Bookstore -- EPIC Publications
  8. Upcoming Conferences and Events

EPIC Alert 7.06 (April 3, 2000)

  1. New EPIC Crypto Report Finds Progress and Potential Threats
  2. Census Questions Create Privacy Furor
  3. Judge Prohibits Distribution of "Censorware" Decoding Program
  4. SEC Proposal Would Search Web and Invade Privacy
  5. No Agreement on Safe Harbor Proposal
  6. European Parliament Supports Echelon Hearing
  7. EPIC Bookstore -- EPIC Publications
  8. Upcoming Conferences and Events

EPIC Alert 7.07 (April 20, 2000)

  1. House Committee on Intelligence Examines NSA Surveillance
  2. EU Fixes Agenda for Hearing on Global Surveillance
  3. Appeals Court Rules that Source Code Is Protected Free Speech
  4. Pentagon Requests New FOIA Exemption
  5. Children's Internet Privacy Law Goes Into Effect
  6. EPIC Moves - New Address and Phone Number!
  7. EPIC Bookstore -- The Mvr Book Motor Services Guide 2000
  8. Upcoming Conferences and Events

EPIC Alert 7.08 (May 2, 2000)

  1. Administration Financial Privacy Proposal Released
  2. Privacy Coalition Seeks Review of Phone Records Privacy Case
  3. Intel Drops Processor Serial Numbers
  4. Pending Bills Would Impact Online Speech
  5. Council of Europe Releases Draft Cyber-Crime Treaty
  6. Electronic Surveillance Up Again in 1999
  7. EPIC Bookstore - Censored 2000
  8. Upcoming Conferences and Events

EPIC Alert 7.09 (May 15, 2000)

  1. FTC Completes Internet Privacy Sweep and Advisory Committee Report
  2. Anonymous Message Board Poster Sues Yahoo! for Disclosures
  3. Court to Hear Challenge to Proposed FBI Wiretap Standards
  4. Privacy Groups Oppose Financial Privacy Delay
  5. EPIC Testifies on Use of Social Security Numbers
  6. New Survey Details Experiences of Identity Theft Victims
  7. Press Freedom Survey Finds Extensive Censorship
  8. Upcoming Conferences and Events

EPIC Alert 7.10 (May 24, 2000)

  1. FTC Calls for Privacy Legislation to Protect Internet Users
  2. Requirement for Cable Scrambling Violates First Amendment
  3. International Law Enforcement and Industry Discuss Cyber-Crime
  4. EU Holds Off on Removing Barriers to Export of Crypto
  5. New Financial Privacy Rules Protect Credit Header Info
  6. Annenberg Research Reveals Teens Will Share Family Info
  7. EPIC Bookstore - From Gutenberg to the GII
  8. Upcoming Conferences and Events

EPIC Alert 7.11 (June 14, 2000)

  1. Gore Offers Protections for Social Security Numbers, Genetic Data
  2. EPIC Renews Call for Baseline Privacy Standards Legislation
  3. EPIC Urges Rejection of Online Age Verification Systems
  4. Terrorism Commission Recommendations Could Threaten Privacy
  5. Commerce Committee Hears from FTC on Internet Privacy
  6. EPIC Event Addresses Privacy and the Free Software Movement
  7. EPIC Bookstore - New Publications on Privacy
  8. Upcoming Conferences and Events

EPIC Alert 7.12 (June 27, 2000)

  1. Is NSA Watching Jimmy Carter and Hillary Clinton?
  2. Appeals Court Strikes Another Blow Against Internet Censorship
  3. House Subcommittee Considers "Cyber Security" FOIA Exemption
  4. EPIC, Junkbusters Release Report on P3P
  5. Privacy Advocates Call for Investigation of "Cookiegate"
  6. European Parliament Committee Presents Safe Harbor Resolution
  7. EPIC Bookstore - Democracy in the Digital Age
  8. Upcoming Conferences and Events

EPIC Alert 7.13 (July 12, 2000)

  1. FBI's Carnivore Gobbles Lots of E-Mail
  2. FTC Attempts to Block Sale of Toysmart Customer Lists
  3. New Internet Democracy Project To Focus on ICANN
  4. European Parliament Adopts Resolution on Safe Harbor
  5. Supreme Court to Review Constitutionality of Wiretap Laws
  6. Survey Conducted on the State of First Amendment
  7. EPIC Bill-Track: New Bills in Congress
  8. Upcoming Conferences and Events

EPIC Alert 7.14 (July 27, 2000)

  1. Congress Examines FBI Carnivore Surveillance System
  2. New Bill Would Require Notice of Workplace Monitoring
  3. European Commission Adopts Safe Harbor Data Principles
  4. Microsoft Offers Security Patch for Third-Party Cookies
  5. EPIC Bill-Track: New Bills in Congress
  6. Resources Available for National High School Debate Topic
  7. EPIC Bookstore - The Electronic Privacy Papers
  8. Upcoming Conferences and Events

EPIC Alert 7.15 (August 3, 2000)

  1. Federal Judge Orders Fast FBI Action on Carnivore Material
  2. Flashback: It's the Clipper Chip All Over Again
  3. Report on Online Profiling Analyzes Recent FTC Agreement
  4. NGOs to Hold Public Voice Meeting on Emerging Privacy Issues
  5. Study Examines Children's Privacy and "Free" Internet Access
  6. Administration Seeks Public Comment on Privacy and Bankruptcy
  7. EPIC Bookstore - Privacy in the Information Age
  8. Upcoming Conferences and Events

EPIC Alert 7.16 (September 11, 2000)

  1. EPIC Testifies on Online Privacy Bills before Congress
  2. FBI and DOJ Continue to Oppose Disclosure of Carnivore Info
  3. GAO Study Finds that Government Websites Fail on Privacy
  4. New Polls Show Public Support for Privacy Policies
  5. FTC Seeks Public Comment on Security of Financial Data
  6. EPIC Bill-Track: New Bills in Congress
  7. EPIC Bookstore - The Privacy Law Sourcebook 2000
  8. Upcoming Conferences and Events

EPIC Alert 7.17 (September 25, 2000)

  1. EPIC and PI Release Third Annual Privacy and Human Rights Survey
  2. It's Baaack ... Mandatory Filtering Returns to Congress
  3. Banned Books Week Celebrates Freedom of Expression
  4. Privacy Foundation Investigates :CueCat Scanning Device
  5. Int'l Data Protection Conference Brings Together NGOs
  6. Upcoming Forum Presents ICANN Candidates
  7. EPIC Bookstore - Privacy & Human Rights 2000
  8. Upcoming Conferences and Events

EPIC Alert 7.18 (October 12, 2000)

  1. EPIC Obtains First Set of FBI Carnivore Documents
  2. Congressional Office Seeks Access to Census and IRS Data
  3. Capitol Hill Hearings Focus on Internet Consumer Privacy
  4. New At-Large Members Elected to ICANN Board
  5. NIST Selects New Advanced Encryption Standard
  6. Supreme Court to Hear Thermal Imaging Case
  7. EPIC Bookstore - Think UNIX
  8. Upcoming Conferences and Events

EPIC Alert 7.19 (October 31, 2000)

  1. Federal Filtering Mandate Moves Toward Enactment
  2. Opposition Grows to "Anti-Leak" Secrecy Legislation
  3. U.S. Copyright Office Announces Exceptions to DMCA
  4. International NGOs Oppose Draft Computer Crime Convention
  5. U.S. Implements Relaxed Encryption Export Controls
  6. IETF Issues New RFCs on Cookies
  7. EPIC Bookstore - Secrets and Lies
  8. Upcoming Conferences and Events

EPIC Alert 7.20 (November 14, 2000)

  1. President Vetoes "Official Secrets Act" Legislation
  2. California Enacts New Privacy Laws
  3. IRS Gains Access to Overseas Credit Card Accounts
  4. Information Brokers Challenge Financial Privacy Rules
  5. Poll Finds Strong Majority Concerned About Online Privacy
  6. "Safe Harbor" Arrangement Begins
  7. EPIC Bookstore - Rethinking PKI and Digital Certificates
  8. Upcoming Conferences and Events

EPIC Alert 7.21 (November 30, 2000)

  1. Senate Judiciary Committee Presses FBI on Carnivore
  2. Court Protects Anonymity of "John Doe" Posters
  3. Council of Europe Releases Revised Cyber-Crime Proposal
  4. Supreme Court Issues Decision on Indiana Police Roadblocks
  5. ICANN Selects Seven New Top-Level Domains
  6. U.S. Courts Seek Comment on Privacy of Court Documents
  7. EPIC Bookstore - The Consumer Law Sourcebook 2000
  8. Upcoming Conferences and Events

EPIC Alert 7.22 (December 19, 2000)

  1. Congress Approves Mandatory Internet Filtering Bill
  2. Social Security Number Provision Removed from Spending Bill
  3. FTC Holds Public Workshop on Wireless Privacy
  4. Global Coalition Maintains Opposition to Cyber-Crime Treaty
  5. Library Association Seeks Nominations for James Madison Award
  6. Consumer Groups Release Online Holiday Shopping Tips
  7. EPIC Bookstore - EPIC 2000 Publications
  8. Upcoming Conferences and Events

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