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EPIC Alert - Volume 2 (1995)

EPIC Alert 2.01 (January 1, 1995)

  1. New DOJ Guidelines on Computer Search and Siezure Guidelines
  2. Court Dismisses LaMacchia Case
  3. Europe Moves Towards Common Privacy Agreements
  4. EPIC WWW page and Digicash Donations
  5. New Files in the Archive
  6. Upcoming Conferences and Events

EPIC Alert 2.02 (February 6, 1995)

  1. IRS Backs Off Compliance 2000 Program
  2. New Secrecy Order Needs Work
  3. Caller ID Blocking Fails in New York
  4. Post Office Partially Limits Access to Addresses
  5. Clinton Announces National ID Registry
  6. Correction: EU Directive Still Under Consideration
  7. Overview of New Congressional Privacy Legislation
  8. Upcoming Conferences and Events

EPIC Alert 2.03 (February 24, 1995)

  1. EPIC Calls for Crypto Reform at G-7 Meeting
  2. USA Privacy Position at G-7 (and EPIC Proposal)
  3. House Votes to Allow Illegal Evidence
  4. Network Censorship Bill Introduced
  5. Court Rules National Security Council Not Exempt from FOIA
  6. Activist Files Suit To Overturn Crypto Export Controls
  7. Wiretap Watch: Freeh on Crypto
  8. Privacy Legislation in the 104th Congress
  9. Upcoming Conferences and Events

EPIC Alert 2.04 (March 9, 1995)

  1. EPIC Files Suit Against National Security Council
  2. Supreme Court Rules on Use of Inaccurate Computer Records
  3. Caller ID Privacy Protection Fails in Two More States
  4. Industry Groups Urge Pervasive Crypto Implementation
  5. IRS Issues "Correction' Notice on Compliance 2000
  6. Caller ID Study Finds FCC Out of Step
  7. Wiretap Watch: FBI Issues Wiretap Notice, Questionnaire
  8. Upcoming Conferences and Events

EPIC Alert 2.05 (March 26, 1995)

  1. Senate Committee Approves "Decency" Bill
  2. EPIC Statement on Communications Decency Act
  3. Caller ID Snafus Continue: FCC Delays Implementation
  4. Security Policy Board Criticized: FCSM Letter to OMB
  5. Commerce Dept. to Recommend Relaxing Crypto Export Control
  6. Maryland Debates Online Privacy
  7. Reminder: Computers, Freedom and Privacy Conference
  8. Upcoming Conferences and Events

EPIC Alert 2.06 (April 28, 1995)

  1. EPIC Sends Letter to Congress on Terrorism Proposals
  2. Supreme Court Upholds Anonymous Speech
  3. Virginia Removes SSN, SSA to Match Records with State DMV's
  4. Appeals Court Confirms Pager Privacy
  5. House Passes Family Privacy bill
  6. Russian Decree on Crypto
  7. Wiretap Watch: More Freeh on Crypto
  8. EPIC Privacy Resources
  9. Upcoming Conferences and Events

EPIC Alert 2.07 (May 3, 1995)

  1. White House, Republicans Release Counter Terrorism Proposals
  2. Freeh Testimony on Proposal, Comments on Encryption
  3. Electronic Surveillance Up: Efficiency Falls
  4. White House Releases Executive Order on Secrecy
  5. EPIC Obtains Secret Documents on Clipper
  6. EPIC Privacy Resources
  7. Upcoming Conferences and Events

EPIC Alert 2.08 (August 2, 1995)

  1. Telecom Bill Update
  2. New Bill Targets Crypto
  3. 2600 FOIA Case on Appeal
  4. National Security Surveillance Increases
  5. New EPIC Reports Available
  6. Upcoming Conferences and Events

EPIC Alert 2.09 (August 21, 1995)

  1. "New" Crypto Policy Announced: Clipper II?
  2. NIST Announcement on Key-Escrow Workshops
  3. Documents: FBI & NSA Want to Ban Non-Escrowed Encryption
  4. EPIC Crypto Web Pages Online
  5. Upcoming Conferences and Events

EPIC Alert 2.10 (September 24, 1995)

  1. PI Calls for CCTV Debate
  2. PI/EPIC Conference Explores Surveillance Technologies
  3. Dutch-Canadian Report Endorses Anonymity
  4. CSA Announces Privacy Standards
  5. Around the Globe: Privacy Notes
  6. Upcoming Conferences and Events

EPIC Alert 2.11 (October 16, 1995)

  1. EPIC Seeks Disclosure of Clipper Documents
  2. Landmark Privacy Case, Avrahami v. USN&WR
  3. Your Net Activities for Sale (and what you can do)
  4. Canadian Direct Marketers Call for Privacy Law
  5. Opposition to ID Systems Grows
  6. Who You Gonna Trust? Bankers and Hackers
  7. VTW Alert / Telecom Post / PJ Updates
  8. Developments at EPIC Web Site
  9. Upcoming Conferences and Events

EPIC Alert 2.12 (October 23, 1995)

  1. FBI Wiretap Plan Exceeds Legislative Authority (and what you can do)
  2. Illegal Bugging by US Agencies Continues
  3. Status of Wiretap Funding
  4. Court Rules Against Hi-tech Spy Devices
  5. NTIA to Release Privacy "Policy"
  6. Privacy Success -- Marketry Drops Plan to Sell Net Data
  7. ACLU Civil Liberties Update / Privacy Rights Clearinghouse
  8. Upcoming Conferences and Events

EPIC Alert 2.13 (October 30, 1995)

  1. Special: House Rejects Funding of FBI Wiretap Bill
  2. Bennett Bill Raises Privacy Concerns
  3. Designing a Good Medical Privacy Bill
  4. British Doctors Boycott Medical Network
  5. Mondex: Not So Private After All
  6. USA Today Opts for Opt-In
  7. Medical Privacy Resources On-line
  8. Upcoming Conferences and Events

EPIC Alert 2.14 (November 9, 1995)

  1. NIST Releases Updated Export Criteria (Clipper 2.1)
  2. Wiretap Update: FBI Does New Math
  3. Concerns about Medical "Privacy" Bill Grow
  4. Massachusetts Enacts New Consumer Credit Law
  5. New Privacy Polls: Lots of Problems, Few Solutions
  6. Review: "The Right to Privacy," Alderman and Kennedy
  7. EPIC E-mail Bag
  8. Upcoming Conferences and Events

EPIC Alert 2.15 (November 22, 1995)

  1. Senate Holds Hearings on Medical Privacy
  2. EPIC Calls for Rescission of FBI Wiretap Notice
  3. NY Times Opposes Wiretap Plan
  4. Conservative Groups Split Over On-line Indecency Issue
  5. Avrahami Pursues Mailing List Claim
  6. New Coalition Calls for Examination of Copyright "White Paper"
  7. International Privacy Newsletters
  8. Upcoming Conferences and Events

EPIC Alert 2.16 (December 11, 1995)

  1. House Conferees Adopt Unconstitutional Speech Restrictions
  2. EPIC Files Suit to Obtain Secret Gov't Crypto Report
  3. Privacy International Publishes Report on Surveillance Trade
  4. House To Vote on Revised Terrorism Bill
  5. Avrahami Case Delayed
  6. Anonymous Cash System wins EU Award (Press Release)
  7. EPIC Alert to Move to New Distribution System
  8. Upcoming Conferences and Events

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