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EPIC Recommends National Safety Standard for "Self-Driving" Vehicles

In remarks today to a joint workshop of the FTC and NHTSA, EPIC President Marc Rotenberg called for the establishment of national safety standards prior to the deployment of "self-driving" vehicles on the nation's highways. "Given the current vulnerabilities of networked communications, self-driving vehicles are simply unsafe at any speed," said Mr. Rotenberg. EPIC has participate in numerous NHTSA rule makings on auto safety, proposed stronger data protection standards for connected vehicles, and sided with consumers in a case concerning the risks of autonomous vehicles. In extensive comments for the FTC/NHTSA workshop, EPIC pointed to known vulnerabilities with bluetooth communications, auto hacking, "level 3" control, malware and ransomware, auto repossession remote deactivation, and safety defects. EPIC urged the FTC and NHTSA to focus on "data protection, vehicle safety, consumer protection, and privacy." EPIC also said that the ability of states to develop safety standards must be maintained. EPIC warned that the failure to establish robust safety standards could be "catastrophic."

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