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The Public Voice WSIS Sourcebook: Perspectives on the World Summit on the Information Society

The Public Voice WSIS Sourcebook includes:

  • Background Materials Introducing and Explaining the World Summit on the Information Society
  • Official Documents Including:
    • WSIS Official Declaration
    • WSIS Official Action Plan
    • Civil Society Declaration
    • Civil Society Benchmarks
  • Regional Caucus Positions
  • Perspectives on Issues such as:
    • Internet Governance
    • Media
    • Funding
    • Public Domain
  • Various Civil Society Statements Through the Geneva Phase
  • Various Civil Society Statements Assessing Phase One Outcomes and Process
  • Recommendations and Proposals for Future Action
  • Resources for Getting Involved including:
    • A List of Web Resources
    • A List of Contacts

Public Voice WSIS Sourcebook

313 pages, $40.00
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The Public Voice WSIS Sourcebook has been compiled to further a dialogue on the issues, the outcomes, and the process of the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS). Beginning in 2003 and continuing through 2005, the UN WSIS will seek the views of national governments, private sector organizations and civil society, on the opportunities presented by information and communications technologies. This publication is intended to promote understanding of the WSIS and encourage greater civil society participation in the current phase of the Summit.

The WSIS Sourcebook includes the official UN documents, regional and issue-oriented perspectives, as well as recommendations and proposals for future action. The Public Voice WSIS Sourcebook also provides a useful list of resources and contacts for individuals and organizations that wish to become more involved in the WSIS process.  The Public Voice (www.thepublicvoice.org) is a project of the Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC), established to promote public participation in policy making on issues ranging from privacy and free expression to consumer protection and Internet governance.