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Privacy & Human Rights 2002

*Includes reports on:

Argentine Republic
Commonwealth of Australia
Republic of Austria
Kingdom of Belgium
Federative Republic of Brazil
People's Republic of China
Czech Republic
French Republic
Federal Republic of Germany
Republic of Iceland
Italian Republic
New Zealand
Kingdom of Norway
Republic of Peru
Republic of the Philippines
Republic of Portugal
Russian Federation
Republic of South Africa
United Kingdom
United States of America

*partial list

Privacy and Human Rights 2002

ISBN: 1893044165
412 pages, $25.00
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This annual report by EPIC and Privacy International reviews the state of privacy in over fifty countries around the world. It outlines legal protections for privacy, new challenges, and summarizes important issues and events relating to privacy and surveillance.

The 2002 edition of Privacy and Human Rights examines the impact of government proposals after September 11, 2001 on privacy and civil liberties. The report documents many new anti-terrorism and security measures and identifies key trends including increased communications surveillance, weakening of data protection regimes, and increased profiling and identification of individuals.

The 2002 Privacy and Human Rights report finds that laws to protect privacy in the workplace are gaining more support and that efforts to pass new data protection laws are continuing in Eastern Europe, Asia and Latin America. Important debates are also taking place around the world concerning the future of new technologies for identification and surveillance.